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Andy (SKNZFAN) Fox

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Kemberly Roberts 2003 contest winner

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2003 Rookie Page


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A Thank You From Julia Baxter


My most sincere, delighted THANK YOU, for  the great honor of becoming Rookie of 2004.   It's taken me two days to say this because THANK YOU can't express my appreciation -- and several times I sat with blank page trying to start.

The thanks go so many ways:

To ALL OF YOU who voted for ALIQUIPPA, named for the steel-mill town where I grew up. To all of you who joined in and voted for any of us Rookies.

To you, ANDY FOX, for all the time and enthusiasm given to us -- bringing new hope and encouragement to all rookies. What a lot of work to compile  this.  Please convey my thanks to your entire WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA  DAYLILY CLUB.

To  you, SALLY MARCUM,  for the beautiful website--so much work--and all your patience making changes.  What a sweet person you are!

Many very special THANK YOUs, JIM BOBRZYNSKI (alias JimBob), long-time friend and mentor, who photographed Aliquippa and  entered it in the contest while I lounged on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in August;  who told me  years ago that it was special
and that I should introduce it---- as did friends Ed Fitzgerald, John Yonksi, Steve and Sarah Zolock, Gary Ball. I planned to breed those funny edges into a nice, smooth, wide ruffle. <G>



CONGRATULATIONS   NAN WILKERSON for your lovely, green-throated spider, DIZZY MISS LIZZY.  Tet spiders are my high priority.

CONGRATULATIONS   JOHAN VANHEUSDEN for your gorgeous REALIZED FANTASY.  The name describes it so well.

Much APPLAUSE and praise to all you Rookie contestants. The flowers are wonderful. It's so difficult being limited to voting for just one.  It's such a pleasure to see your creations.

With many  happy thoughts and warmest regards to you all. 

Julia Baxter, PA zone 5-6 --SW PA near Pittsburgh.





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